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Replik Shop has for objective to make the 3D printing accessible to all. Thanks to the 3D printing, our relationship to objects and their mode of manufacturing is being completely rethought.

Ended the distant production units and the standard products. Each can possess from now on unique things, personalized and produced at a lower cost next to home, if not at home!

We propose work-shop which require no knowledge in 3D, which will show you that it became very simple to use this technology in a playful and useful way.

Our printing service allows you to print any object for a small price. No knowledge in 3D drawing? Thousands of models are to be downloaded free of charge on the Internet.

We also propose a range of FDM 3D makers selected for their precision, position on the market, robustness, design and simplicity of use, as well as diverse consumables to feed your machine.

Replik Shop is also a place open to all, situated in the district of "Les Acacias" in Geneva.

We are going to shape your desires and your ideas!