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BQ Witbox 2

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The BQ Witbox gives us every day complete satisfaction in our own projects! Witbox 2, it is more reliability and simplicity of use. This machine offers the best performances in terms of quality, robustness, design, speed and consumer service. Its tray of work in the format A4 remains the biggest of the market, increasing your possibilities of printing.

New inductive sensor high precision for the regulation of the tray, the new extruder allows the use of every types chaps of strands, new electronics BQ, new panel of control and improvement of the heat flows are the main improvements.

The BQ Witbox will suit to all the professionals in search of precision as well as to all those who wish to acquire a 3D printer for the pleasure and the performance. BQ is a key player of the sector. Among 5 better world manufacturers of printers desk, from now on presents in 50 countries, you'll hear about about BQ in the coming years.

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